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Show #9: The Paul Sanchez's 8 Wishes Interview
January 02, 2007 08:59 AM PST
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2007 is here! I wish great things to all our listeners and colaborators! In this episode, we feature the 8 Wishes interview, featuring Mr. Paul Sanchez and his 10,000 bike tour around the perimeter of the U.S.A, to help children with Dyslexia and learning disabilities. How? Find out and listen to the interview!

Check Paul's site:


Finally! I have upgraded this website! It has a cost, but now I feel free to post even more frequent podcasts featuring other topics beside the interviews. Remember, vote for the show in both iTunes and Podcast Alley. Help us grow! For Podcast Alley, use the link in the Links area on the right side of the page.

You can help the show in more than one way. Spread the word and makes us #1 in our category, vote, advertise with us, and donate. Helping the show helps, directly and indirectly the causes that some of our interviewees are fighting for. My goal, as you may know, is to promote bike touring, to see the roads full of fellow cyclists, to bring them here to share the adventures! And talking about that, I am preparing a great show for you guys and gals. I will not go into any details now, but it will be very soon! Just sit tight, and enjoy the podcast!

Show #8: The Paul Stockton Interview
December 27, 2006 10:12 AM PST
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Welcome to Bike Tourist Podcast show #8, our last show of 2006! In this episode we interview Mr. Paul Stockton from Ontario, Canada about his bike tours and his change from upright bike to recumbent. In the picture above, we show Paul's beautiful HP Velotechnik Street Mahine GTE, which is his main touring machine after using his Trek for many years. We have the donations icon up so if you would like to help this show going strong on 2007, send a buck or two, or just continue to be a listener!
To all our listeners, Happy new year!

Read Paul's journals:


This is Paul's website with information about his tour around the world!


Adventure Cycling -Great resources for the cycling tourist!


Christmas Show 2006
December 24, 2006 03:06 PM PST
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Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all of you for being here with us at the Podcast

Bike Tourist Newsflash
December 13, 2006 03:40 AM PST
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Paul Sanchez "Soloride", a 10,000 mile bike tour around the perimeter of the U.S.A for the children with learning disabilities has put a out a video documentary about the trip and its purpose. The more people who see this video and rate it, the more money it will raise, and hey, it is free! Enjoy this teaser for a more in depth interview with Paul! it is 8 wishes in 30 days help the cause!


More to come!

Show #7 The Ride Ataxia Interview
December 12, 2006 10:18 PM PST
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In this episode, we interview Mr. Kyle Bryant, who will embark into a 2800 mile bike tour to raise awareness of this rare disease, which is almost unknown. Being a patient himself of this debilitating disease, Kyle wants to make a statement for the people who can no longer be active and on behalf of future patients. Having a goal to raise $30,000 to be destined for research and treatement, he wants to make sure that at the end of his adventure, everyone knows about the disease. Check Kyle's website:


Kyle would love that you accompany him, at least a part of the adventure. Go to his website and learn about the route and contact him for details!

Show #6: The Spinning Southward Interview (Part 2)
November 25, 2006 04:30 AM PST
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 In this episode, we interview the Spinning Southward team on the second of 3 installments about their wonderful 16K mile bike tour from Alaska to Argentina. We talk, among other things, about the common misunderstanding of Latin American values, popular belief versus reality, and how touring these regions can act as an eye opener to many wonderful things. Thanks everyone for listening to the show! We are now #2 in the Sports and Recreation division of Podomatic. We will need to upgrade the site and will need your help to keep the show going , with more intershow news, equipment reviews and noted touring cyclists interviews. Please register on the e-mail list to be kept up to date with any changes to Bike Tourist Podcast!

Music Show #1: Interview with "The Bike Rocker" Attila Horvath
October 18, 2006 09:40 PM PDT
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This show features Attila Horvath, who recently released his debut album, "Bike Rock". We talk about his songs, his inspiration, and his road rage. We have a surprise for the first listeners to the show, so grab your headphones and enjoy!

Link to Attila Horvath's website:

Show #5: Cycling for a Cause: The Spinning Southward Interview (Part 1)
October 15, 2006 05:22 AM PDT
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In this episode, we have a great interview with brothers John and Mike Longsdon and Nate Ajello, on their epic Spinning Southward tour from Alaska to Argentina, a total of 16000 miles, to honor their late mothers Jean and Fran, who lost a long brain tumor battle. Sponsored by the National Brain Tumor Foundation, they cycled long and hard to rise awareness about information as a weapon and to raise money for the foundation to be destined for research and treatment of this condition. Follow with us this incredible and inspiring adventure! Make questions to the riders via the podcast phone 206-339-4425, and they will gladly answer on future editions of the show. Visit their wonderful website:


And visit the Brain Tumor Foundation for great english/spanish information that could save your or a loved one's life.


Show #4: Interview with Matt Hewston and Ryan McClain
October 02, 2006 10:54 PM PDT
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In this show we feature a great interview with Matt Hewston and Ryan McClain. These guys did a wonderful tour of 5200 miles across the good ol' U.S.A, from San Diego To Pittsburgh. What you can't find on their webpage, you will find it here, so, get some snacks and enjoy! Check their website, Bike And See, in the links section below. Remember to vote! Go to the links section and show your support! You can always leave audio messages using the phone number 206-339-4425.

Show #3: The Touring Machine
September 20, 2006 05:08 PM PDT
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One Hour special! Sue me! In this episode we explore the touring bike in comparison to traditional road and Mountain bikes. What works and what does not. We also cover basic equipment for touring as well as a little talk on recumbent bikes.

About the Picture: This is Anna Bromley's Barcroft Dakota, armed and ready for her 88 day/4000 mile adventure along with her father Mark.

Links to Examples of Touring Bikes and equipment:
HP Velotechnik
Old Mountain Racks

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